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  Brian Ward (Manchester) Ltd is a company dedicated to the supply of process equipment to the rubber, plastics and friction industries.

For BW partnership is a two way process, which leads to a successful conclusion followed by ongoing service and support. Careful selection of which companies we represent to the UK & Ireland has ensured that these criteria are met.

Our Italian principals are recognised as being amongst the very best in their fields of expertise so allowing us to deliver to you:
Quality, Reliability, Efficiency, Service, Support, Cost effectiveness.



Laboratory Test Equipment


Logo of Gibitre Instruments



Manufacturers of Laboratory Test Equipment for rubber and plastics including:

  • Rheometers - moving die
  • Rheometers - oscillating disc
  • Rheocheck + Mooney check combination
  • Mooney check profile
  • Tensor check profile
  • Electronic balance check PC
  • Electronic densimeter - console
  • Low temperature/brittleness check
  • Automatic hardness check
  • Automatic hardness check console
  • Ozone check
  • Durometer Check
  • Rebound Check
  • Abrasion Check
  • Manual Die Cutter
  • Volumetric Die Cutter
  • Thermostatic Bath
  • Laboratory Press
  • Rapid Balance Check
  • De Mattia Flexon Check
  • Cutters - Moulds - Compression Set
  • Shore Tester - Digital Manual
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Process Equipment


Logo of Nuova Ciba


Nuova Ciba

Recognised by many as 'the specialists' in the handling and transport of carbon blacks. Nuova Ciba design, manufacture and supply:

  • Bulk storage, transport, handling, weighing and feeding systems for powders, liquids and solids
  • Small ingredient weighing and batching systems
  • Bag slitters and compactors
  • Dust extraction systems
  • Bale cutters weighing conveyors etc.
  • Nuova Ciba Offer full installation, commissioning and support services
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Logo of Ciba Electric


Ciba Electric

Ciba Electric are manufacturers and suppliers of control systems for:

  • Complete plant
  • Single machine
  • Process control and monitoring
  • Remote control and data acquisition
  • Ciba Electric offer full 'turn key' systems with full support service via modem.
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Logo of Comerio Ercole  

Comerio Ercole

Established in 1885 Comerio Ercole have a long tradition in the manufacture of mill room processing equipment and calenders of the highest quality. Comerio Ercole's range includes:

  • Internal mixers, tangential and intermeshing
  • Complete mixing lines
  • Laboratory Mixers - internal
  • Two roll mills - production and laboratory
  • Stock blenders and mill knives
  • Calenders and calender lines for special applications, conveyor belts, rubberised fabric, inner liner, steel cord, textile cord, fabrics, technical rubber goods, silicones etc.
  • Let off and wind up units

Comerio Ercole also offer a complete package for the refurbishment and upgrading of existing equipment to the latest safety specifications.

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Logo of Prodicon International  

Prodicon International

Prodicon International generally regarded as the worlds number one in their field are manufacturers and suppliers of:

  • Batch-offs
  • Cantilever coolers
  • Packer-Stackers
  • Strip handling and packing units
  • Cutters
  • Coilers
  • Mill and stock-feeders etc.

Prodicon's 'systems approach' is fundamentally an orderly way of problem solving which generates a range of customised solutions. Adopting the philosophy that the best engineering solutions are the least complicated, Prodicon provide equipment for use in an industrial environment utilising varying degrees of automation where appropriate.

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Logo of Colmec  


Colmec are manufacturers of rubber extruders and complete extruder lines of the highest quality, being recognised by many as one of the world's leading extruder manufacturers for rubber.

Colmec's extruder range includes:

  • Warm feed, with/without strainer
  • Cold feed, with/without vacuum
  • Pin-barrel, with/without vacuum
  • Extruders for silicone
  • Screw pre-formers, warm and cold feed
  • Obstacle barrel extruders
  • Extruder heads, various

Manufacturing lines for:

  • Rubber profiles
  • Radiator hoses
  • High pressure hoses
  • Low pressure hoses
  • Rubber coated rollers
  • Silicone cables
  • Camel back
  • Continuous curing lines
  • Salt bath curing with/without cascade-sprinkle
  • High speed hot air curing ovens
  • UHF and hot air curing lines
  • Infrared curing lines for silicones
  • Microwave curing systems
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